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Ronde Titoni, a Unique Traditional Ginger ale from Java Ronde, Angsle, and the bread cakes (Cakwe) at Ronde Titoni Malang. (PHOTO: Ulfa/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESSURABAYA, MALANG – Ronde or javanese traditional ginger ale is a common drink that people usually drink to warm their body. Ronde Titoni Malang will give you the best ronde that will make your body stay warm till the rest of the night.

Ronde is a special batter consisting of a mixture of rice flour and brown sugar shaped dots and on the inside it contains crushed peanuts which usually served in a warm ginger ale.

Located at Jalan Zaenal Arifin, Malang This shop has been established since 1848 by Mr. Hadi and now inherited by his second son Sugeng.

“I always try to make time to visit this shop whenever I went to Malang. Rhe taste is the same since the first time I went here 7 years ago," said Bagus, a regular customer of Ronde Tioni.

In another hand, Ronde Titoni also gives you several choice of ronde. You could either order it with or without ginger ale. It depends on your taste.

As an alternative, this shop also provide you with another beverage like peanut soup and angsle another typical Javanese drink consist of petulo, white sticky rice, green beans, pieces of bread, jelly pearls, pandan leaves, ginger, fried peanuts, coconut milk, and sugar.

As any other Indonesian food, this unique traditional ginger ale won't cost you much. You will only need to pay around IDR 4000 - IDR 12000. The Ronde Titoni is open daily every 18.00 - 22.00 local time. (*)

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