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Keripik Kaca, a Tasty Crispy Cassava Chips of Batu Arist Raputra pack the Keripik Kaca to be sent to his resellers. (Photo: Muhammad Dhani Rahman/TIMES Indonesia) 

TIMESSURABAYA, BATU – Have you ever heard or taste Keripik Kaca? Well, Keripik Kaca a fried thin sliced of cassava chips with several variants of flavour. This chips has been booming in the country recently.

A guy named Arist Saputra of Batu which formerly work as an MC made this Keripik Kaca as his business. He has lost several orders of being an MC during this pandemic.

"I have lost several jobs for this pandemic. I almost has zero order and see this Keripik Kaca as another chance for me," Arist Saputra said.

Aris got his idea after seeing someone else make this chip as his business and post it in his social media. He came up with the same idea since he has never seen this kind of chips distributed in Batu or Malang.

He also offers his Keripik Kaca through social media. Up until now, he has has around 20 reseller that ready to take his chops and distribute it around the country.

"Wehave five variants of flavor of Keripik Kaca (Cassava Chips). We have spicy, seaweed, original, chili flakes, and green chili flakes. All of them using the real spices from our kitchen," Aris ended. (*)

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