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Hijab Arre Gives You a Trendy Looking Veil Hijab Aere. (PHOTO: Doc. Aere)

TIMESSURABAYA, JAKARTA – Hijab has become a common way of describing a Muslim woman’s head covering. As the time goes, this headscarf has become one fashion for the women muslim. And that's what Hijab Aere trying to give.

Hijab Aere trying to bring out a modest look with their fashionable hijab which could suit to your outfit. Aere made their hijab to fit all occasion you have so you dont need to be busy spending your time choosing which Hijab you could use to your occasion.


"I just started the business. We are independent company. We do everything alone in the company," Tanto the owner of Aere said on Saturday (8/08/2020).

Still according to him, the hijab provided with all kind color to fit your outfit. This veil perfect could be mix and match to any of your dress and wont make you look outdated.


Lots of teenager to older people have used Aere's products. This product will give them a new look and greater self esteem on your daily basis. "We basically made this Hijab for those women between 17 to 40 year old," Tanto added.

Aere choose the fabric out of premium moscrepe. They have their fabric taken from foreign countries. Thus fabric will give an utmost comfortability for the users especially I this humid tropical country.

You could have Hijab Aere starting from IDR 23 K. Such a worth investment with the comfortability the veil gave. Meanwhile, Aere also planned to enlarge their business tu several muslim outfit. For further information you could visit their Instagram @aere.id dan https://aere.id. (*)

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