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TIMESSURABAYA, JAKARTA – Did someone just harshly say that you are gaining more weight? And it make you have less self esteem and feeling not attractive? Well, if you do, you could try these simple exercises to help you lose your weight.

1. Cycling


Cycling could burn lots of calory in your body. You don't need a fancy place to do that, just cycling around your house daily, or if you get bored you could chose a place with a beautiful scenery such as the nearest forest or mountain.

2. Kick Boxing


Kick boxing could took all of your energy and burn your calories faster than ever. This exercise need all of your body movement and strengthen all your muscles from top to bottom.

3. Skipping


This exercise look so simple. Yet it will burn out your calories without you even realize it. This exercise could be an alternative for you who would like to stay at home while doing your exercise.

4. Swimming


Swimming is the perfect exercise in the summer. It could help you lose your weight since the all your body and muscles will move at the same time.

5. Aerobic


With a consistent training, aerobic could be the best choice of all. Do it regularly at least an hour in a day and you will feel like you start loosing your double chin or flappy belly.

6. Yoga


For those who take it seriously, yoga could be a good choice to help you lose your weight. It looks simple yet it needs all of your energy and surely will burn your calories.

7. Jogging


Jogging is the simplest exercise of all exercises that could help you lose your weight. This simple exercise doesn't need any tools or equipments to do it. All it need is your motivation and will to do it. (*)

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