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Various Benefits of Orange for Our Health ILLUSTRATION - Benefits of Oranges. (PHOTO: Freepik)

TIMESSURABAYA, JAKARTA – Orange is known to have a high level of vitamin C. Not only preventing mouth ulcer, vitamin C is also beneficial for our immune system and cardiovascular system. Orange is not only rich in vitamin C, but it also has the essential nutrients and minerals that are good for health. What are the benefits of orange for our health?

Here are various benefits of orange if it is consumed regularly.

1. Reduce the cholesterol level

Besides omega 3, orange also can reduce the cholesterol level. According to health experts, orange is rich in fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidant. If you consume orange regularly, you can reduce or control your cholesterol level.

The existence of soluble water could prevent the absorption of cholesterol from food. Consuming orange regularly also prevents cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke and heart disease.

2. Good for eye health

Besides carrot, orange is also good for eye health due to its antioxidant level that could get rid of free radicals causing eyesight problems.

We could prevent eyesight problems by consuming foods that are rich in vitamin C, such as orange, and vitamin E, such as egg.

3. Good for skin health

You may often hear about vitamin C injection or vitamin C treatment in beauty salons. In fact, vitamin C is good for skin health. It means that consuming orange or other fruits that are rich in vitamin C, our skin will be healthier and we could prevent premature aging.

4. Good for digestion system

The fiber in orange could make the digestion system healthier. Besides, drinking lemon infused water could cleanse our digestion system. However, we should not drink lemon water too much as it could lead to gastric diseases.

5. Control blood pressure

Consuming orange regularly could help us control blood pressure, which means that it could prevent hypertension. Those who suffer from hypertension should consume orange so that they can prevent heart disease or stroke.

Orange is rich in flavonoid level, such as hesperidin, that could control the blood pressure. Besides, magnesium level in orange also gives the same benefit.

6. Strengthen bones

Besides milk, orange could strengthen our bones due to its vitamin C level that could help our body absorb the calcium and vitamin D for various foods that we consume. That’s why we could maintain our bone health. (*)

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